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More tips or things Canadians need to pay attention to

More tips or things Canadians need to pay attention to

When people first think about Florida very often they do not appreciate how diverse it is. As a result, they often fall into the trap of looking at a home for sale in Florida in the wrong area and buying completely unsuitable Florida villas/houses.


Pay attention to choose the location of property in Florida
Make sure you put in the hours researching Florida homes for sale and the areas they are situated in. Bustling urban conurbations like Miami are very different to Pensacola or more rural areas. Make sure the home for sale in Florida you look at is in an area which offers whatever facilities and amenities you require.

Beach properties may be enviable but they are also very expensive. Florida villas a few miles inland are not nearly so expensive and you will save a fortune not needing to insure an expensive and potentially vulnerable beach property.
Also pay attention to a home for sale in Florida within a communal development .Some buy Florida homes for sale within a condo development or complex of Florida villas but you may find the rules of the owners association unnecessarily restrictive. These organizations exist for your benefit by protecting property values but some buyers have complained the rules were too rigidly enforced. They regretted not looking elsewhere for a home for sale in Florida.


Paying due diligence before buying a property in Florida
Buying Florida villas and condos can be a simple process but doing your own research and seeking professional legal advice are vital to avoid the pitfalls which do exist. Because of the similarities between Canada and US, many buyers seem to think the same laws and systems apply when buying a home for sale in Florida. However, the process of buying a home for sale in Florida is far different than in the Canada. It is very important to seek legal and tax advice before beginning the process of bidding for Florida villas and other Florida homes for sale. Also, it is important to choose and stick with a good and experienced real estate agent along the way of purchasing.

Pay attention to unscrupulous sellers of Florida villas and condos
As the asking price of Florida homes for sale rockets, some unscrupulous sellers have tried to exploit inexperienced buyers by means of the milestones laid out in the contract. Property prices may have risen in the period since signing and some sellers have gotten out of their contractual obligations because of buyers deviating even slightly from the roadmap. Therefore, if the contract states a document or payment must be completed on a certain date make sure it is done or risk losing your home for sale in Florida and any deposit paid.
Another issue to be aware of is Short Sales and Foreclosures. There is a lot of interest in these sales currently but the reality is there are better opportunities with normal property sales of home that were purchased pre-2003, prior to the rapid appreciation. Since these owners purchased their property before prices sky rocketed they can afford to sell at a much lower price. It’s a matter of identifying the truly motivated sellers from this pool of owners


Pay attention to the inspection of your properties in Florida
There are certain problems that are commonly found in home inspections that, if left undetected, could mean thousands of dollars worth of repairs for an unwary home-buyer. In addition there are issues that are unique to states such as Florida, due to our distinctive climate. These are definitely worth paying attention to, particularly if you’re relocating from out of state and haven’t considered the problems that a warm, moist climate can present.


Water Damage
The Florida climate is absolutely brutal in terms of the damage it can do to wood and wood-based products. Regular maintenance of paint and caulking will eliminate 90% of the potential problems, but for many homeowners that maintenance just doesn’t get done.

Wooden doors without rain protection, siding in contact with grade, and poorly protected trim or siding are all vulnerable to water damage. Even stucco homes are vulnerable if stucco begins to crack and allow water access to the frame beneath. The damage done to wood framing on stucco homes can be huge, because the stucco hides what’s going on in the wood.

Application and regular maintenance of caulk and paint will prevent these issues (or help prevent them worsening if the home you buy is affected by water damage). Alternatively, consider whether you’d be better off with a masonry-built home with aluminum, stucco, and other materials in place of wood siding, framing, and trim.

Electrical Issues
Electrical problems are often caused simply by aging, damaged wiring, but that’s not the biggest problem your home inspection might uncover. More problematic than an older wiring system is the damage that a homeowner can do if they hire a non-licensed electrician, or even worse, do the work themselves without prior experience or knowledge.

Common issues found in these situations include exposed wiring without the necessary conduit protection, outlets with reversed polarity, junction boxes left open in attics or behind walls, double-tapped circuits, unsafe exterior wiring, and badly-constructed GFI outlets. Often, such issues arise when a homeowner decides to remodel their kitchen or bathroom, but fail to check out current code requirements. The result is that the modifications may not be up to code (this is more likely for older homes, as electrical codes have changed significantly in the past couple of decades).

Plumbing Problems
Plumbing issues such as leaky faucets, water heaters, shower stalls, or toilets are common, but usually fixed fairly easily. A more significant problem occurs in the long term when water intrudes behind tiles, and shower or tub surrounds. These can be more costly to fix.

All these problems are easily avoided by sealing grout lines with grout or caulk, and repeating the application as needed. These simple measures can save thousands in unnecessary repairs and prevent the mold problems that often result, too.

Aging, Damaged, or Leaky Roofs

Florida’s climate and weather isn’t particularly friendly to roofing materials. Materials such as metal panels and concrete tiles will tolerate the weather as long as they’re installed properly and conform to manufacturer’s requirements. Shingles, however, are almost guaranteed to start taking damage soon after installation.

Harsh winds are part of the problem, but the main culprit is actually the hot Florida sun. In general, a shingle roof will last around fifteen years (even if it has a 20, 30, or even 40 year rating).

Roof failures are usually on the perimeters of the roof, or anywhere where the roof is penetrated, such as around chimneys, plumbing vents, or attic vents.

Air Conditioning Problems
Air conditioning issues might not be a big deal in all states, but people in Florida use their AC systems ten months out of the year-more than anywhere else in the country. Despite the fact that so many people rely on their AC so heavily, they don’t often get regular maintenance. In fact, the number one reason that AC systems experience problems is simply poor maintenance, rather than a mechanical failure.

Home inspections usually find leaking ductwork, dirty air handling coils or filters, and low refrigerant levels, any of which can lead to an inefficient, badly-running AC system. Changing filters regularly, plus annual servicing will keep your AC running well for a long time to come.

Problems in Low-traffic Areas
Those are the top five, but those aren’t the only issues a home inspector is likely to come across. Home inspectors don’t just take a tour of the most frequently-used areas of your home-they’ll want to look at attics, crawlspaces, and other hard-to-reach places that often get overlooked when it comes to maintenance. These unused places are all prime locations for termite and pest damage, water damage, plumbing, insulation, or electrical defects, structural damage, and HVAC problems.