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Florida 101

Florida 101

About Florida

Florida is known as the “Sunshine State” and is located in the southeastern United States. The Atlantic Ocean lies to the east of Florida and the coastline of Florida measures approximately 1,200 miles. The beautiful beaches and warm climate attract a lot of tourists and property buyers all over the world. Moreover, many Canadians live in Florida during the cold winters in Canada and they are often referred to as “Snowbirds”. Florida has a population of about 19 million people (2012 estimate). 66% of the population of Florida was born in another state or country.
What are the best places to live in Florida?
Here is a list of all the best places to live in Florida; it is coming from 2010 study reports that have been published by the Floridian government as well as some private agencies.
Tampa Bay Area
Tampa Bay is located in West Central coast of Florida. The city of Tampa is known for the largest open-water estuary, covering over 1031 square km. Tampa is a natural harbor and therefore it is considered as a hot spot to offer seaborne commerce and entertainment. Art festivals and many other events attract many people to this area. There are numerous shops, restaurants, and the longest continuous sidewalk running down Bayshore Boulevard. Right next to the Bay, condominium complexes with great pools make the place one of the best for singles as well as for families.


Jacksonville that’s located in the northeast of Florida, it is one of the largest and famous cities of the United States. Metropolitan areas of the city are good for youngsters, singles, students, businessmen or those who are looking for good job opportunities. Various art festivals are celebrated in the city, people who are fond of intellectual and cultural activities may select university towns like Jacksonville or Gainesville to live in. Parks and gardens like Tree Hill Nature Center and Kids Campus are places of attraction for families. The friendly atmosphere makes Jacksonville one of the best places to live in Florida for young people and for families.


Miami, the most crowded port in the world in terms of both passenger ships and cruise lines is situated on the Atlantic coast in southeastern Florida. It is a global city which is known as ‘The Gateway to the Americas’. Several corporate headquarters, television studios, the international centers for entertainment, educational institutes, music centers, fashion shows, film festivals and the performing arts have created a positive impact on the economy, business, and culture of Miami. Miami is considered good for young people, students, working singles, businessmen and all the art-lovers.


Fort Lauderdale
Fort Lauderdale is also known as ‘Venice of America’. The term itself is enough to describe the beauty of the place, and the extensive network of canals enhances the beauty of the city. The city is also known for several attractive restaurants and night clubs. Tourism is the main source of income. Manufacturing and maintenance center for yachts also booms the economy and business. Those interested in business related to tourism or yachts may like to live in Fort Lauderdale.


Pompano Beach
The city ‘Pompano Beach’ lies to the north of Fort Lauderdale. The beaches are being redeveloped and it can be one of the best places to live in Florida for retirees due to the beautiful oceanic scenery and calm atmosphere. The city plays an important role in media and radio market. Working singles can benefit from the job and consumer resources without the hassles of big city living. Houses are comparatively expensive because the city has been boasted as one of the country’s top vacation home markets by CNN, Money and Wall Street Journal.


Tallahassee is the capital of Florida and is known for good educational facilities. Florida schools are known for good teacher to student ratio and the best affordable educational facilities. Several famous colleges and universities such as Florida State University and Florida A&M University are located in Tallahassee. For those who are interested in education and research, Tallahassee is recognized as one of the best places to live in Florida


Other Places
Young people will prefer towns like Panama City which is a good place for socializing. Pinellas County is also another good option for people who want easy access to the beaches. Young people fond of auto-racing tracks may choose Daytona Beach to live. Youngsters interested in sports like basketball may choose Orlando as a place to live in. The Orlando Magic is a world famous basketball team in the NBA (National Basketball Association) and Florida is considered as the conventional home for Major League Baseball spring training. And there is no need to tell how curious kids are about Disney attractions. Kids would always look forward to visit Disneyland. Orlando has many attractions for kids and parents, and can be a good living place for families and youngsters.