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Find Best Deals for Canadians Buyers on Florida Condos

Find Best Deals for Canadians Buyers on Florida Condos

Like any major real estate purchase, buying a condominium involves a huge financial commitment. No condo buyer will ever want to pay more than they have to so it’s nice to get a better deal than what you originally expected. Here are some tips on how to find the best deals for Canadian buyers of Florida condos:

Market Value and Asking Price
Before entering into a negotiation, you must be able to compare the seller’s asking price to the previous selling price. You can get accurate information about this from county real estate records. However, note than previous selling prices are less relevant than new ones because the market can change dramatically over time. Long ago, sale prices may have been influenced by certain factors that may no longer have bearing in the market today.

Selling Price for Other Condominiums
The neighboring condominiums are an excellent basis for comparison when it comes to market value. Research on the selling and asking price for condos that are of similar size and feature to the unit you’ve wanted to buy. Use this information you get to negotiate a better price. Bear in mind that the seller price is typically well above the listed priced.

Condo Condition
The overall condition of the condominium unit affects its value. If it looks outdated or if some portions have been damaged, it must sell for a significantly lower price. To negotiate a better price, show the seller the price of more attractive condos or get an estimate of the scope of work needed to make the condo unit more livable.